TGC offers every type and style of cladding to match you and your property’s requirements. From the classic white shiplap cladding which can also be foiled to match your property’s windows, too the new stylish UPVC timber effect cladding, which can also come in a wide range of colours to give your property that new edge!

Whichever you choose it will come with a great 10 to 20 year manufactures warranty depending on your colour and style, but like all the our other products we fit, this guarantee is registered to the property and not just in your name, so if you ever moved the guarantee stays with the property.

When TGC installs new UPVC cladding, all old timber cladding or old plastic cladding will be removed. At this point all the timber battens that the old cladding was fixed too can be thoroughly inspected for any damage or ageing, if any damaged battens are found these will need to be replaced as well, as any problems with these battens could effect the life of the new Cladding. Only once this is done will the new UPVC cladding will be installed and sealed to the property.

TGC also offers a wide range of (PIR) Thermal Insulation options from 25mm – 50mm. With the ever-rising energy costs that we all are facing, every bit of extra insulation can be a help in reducing your yearly heating bills. Better insulation can also helps with keeping those rooms cooler from the summers sun, whether they are a bedroom or the kitchens, so just a much more comfortable temperature all year round.